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The Marantz CD-17 was a very good player. It's a "little" CD-16 in many aspects. We think that it's a good starting point for a great upgrade!

MAY 2004

Before the mod



First of all, it needs a new clock. We used the L C Audio 1ppm LClock XO3. You can choose also other top clocks, contact us for them.

Remove the cover. Crystal X101 is near Q102 (SAA7372GP). Remove the crystal, C111 and C112 (18pF each), R108 (330kohm) and R109 (330ohm): all these passive components are i SMD, so it's not so easy to remove them without demaging the motherbourd. Plese keep attention.

If you want to do the following mods too (not the clock only) please do not connect the clock on the board now, but do the other mods first.

Connect LClock XO OUT to PIN 21 of Q102 (SAA7372GP). Connect LClock GND to GND, that's da 18pF (or at negative pin of C114).

Connect LClock +12V to positive (+) pin of C802 (3300µF/16V), or to positivo (+) pin of C854 (3300µF/25V).

Fix the XO3 to a panel as in the picture.

Let's see more now. I don't like too much to change electrolythic caps, but when very old. Lots of DIYers love to use Black Gate or Cerafine, or even Sanyo Os-Con (like me). They are very good caps and you can use them, above all Os-Con type. In this case I used many bypass from 1 to 2.2uF in polyester (MKT).

I started from power supply bypass, using 2.2uF (15mm) for C853 and C854 (3300uF 25V), very good caps. Then bypass with 1uF (5mm) for C806, C802, C857, C858, CN06, C803, C807, C114, C506, CY63. And a bypass with 0.1uF for C833, C832, C156, C155 and C108.

I never bypass Black Gate or Cerafine or Os-Con. So I left as they are the caps C836, C835, C607, C608, C609 e C610.

Remove CD09 and CD10 (220uF 6V), CD21 and CD22 (100uF 10V). They are SMT devices and you can use better types in this delicate application (dac). Keep attention while removing, you can damage the PCB. Sono elettrolitici SMD a basse prestazioni e si trovano sulle delicate alimentazioni del DAC. You can use OS-Con type of identical value or bypass them with 1uF MKT (as done in the picture below):

The output fomr the dac goes to the OP 2114, in SMT version here. You can't easely change it with a AN2002 T1 or T3 module (with AD825) becaue it's smt. We left it as is. The the signla goes to the HDAM module, and discrete OP amp with 10 good quality transistors. After the HDAM; the signal goes to a 100uF 16V not pol (Elna) electrolythic cap. We can take the signal from the output pin of the 2114 and bypass HDAM and cap.

Remove the copper screen of the HDAM. Remove R619 and R620, C617 and C618, and C633 and C634 (used in the KIS version).

Take the signal from the point shown in the picture:

Connect the other sides of the wires as in the picture, that is in the negative (-) hole of the C617 and C618:

Coonect the new output capacitors to the negative (-) holes of C633 and C634 (there is a connection on the PCB between these holes and the wires above). We used ERO MKT1813 with 6,8uF. Ther are very fast and very good for this application. Feel free to try better (and more expensive) caps if you want, but after using ERO for comparing them.

In this player the output connectors (RCA) are connected to the PCB. Remove them and use a good pair of better connectors. To do this, you need to do holes in the rear panel. Coonect the ERO cap directly to the output RCAs. Connect the gnd pin to PCB gnd, as shown in the picture below. Connect a 470kohm resistor between signal and gnd on the output pin.

It's a good idea also to change the power chord. So, we suggest to remove the chord and put a VDE connector.

Great improvements if you use HDG on the most important chips, such as the 2114 and the dac.

You can also use some adhesive lead panles for the cover.

This is the player after the mods:

After the mods


Use it for a few tens of hours before listening.



The tatal cost of the parts used in this mod is about 250,00.


SUGGESTION - CD transport by Philips can be used with a CD stabilizer made of HDG. You will have a very important improvement. Please refer to the web page.



Thanks to these mods and you work this player is now wonferful. Thanks again for all - E.S. - May 14, 2004


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