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was born in 2004 to offer serious and reliable products, instruments for Music lovers. It has been funded by Fabio Camorani and Giuseppe Intorrella.
There are lots of fake products on the market and brands promising Veritas (Truth); none has the Truth and never trust people promising this! On the contrary, we have clear ideas, we love Music and we want to listen to Music at home. Home listening needs Vendetta (Nemesis), that’s why AudioNemesis was born!

Our mission is to offer instruments for listening to the Music at an affordable price. We think that one of the most attractive things is to design and create low and mid cost products. We think that it is rather easy to design very good audio products without a specific cost limit: cost-no-object products are easy! Our challenge is big and difficult.

At the centre of all AudioNemesis products there is Music only. Most of competitors are offering products for impressing Audiophiles, but after a few discs only, audiophiles feel the need for a change! This is due to a poor and not natural sound. The reproduction of Music is a repeatable event by definition and also unperfect (by definition too). We think that reproduction may have many interpretations, no absolute truth. Our way puts Emotion before everything, a step ahead, because this is the only common element between Produced (Live) Music and Reproduced (Home) Music. Emotion is the essence of the Music. Listening to Music using  products, you will have all the Emotion of Live Music, without special effects, without pretending, no fake creations. Natural feeling, richness of harmonics, details of the event: everything is reproduced with a very clear sense of LIVE, without fake aspects, without fake sounds.

We suggest listening tests taking attention to differences. If you want to find absolute sound, you look for kimeras. There is no absolute sound, only unperfection. And if you try to look for it anyway, you cannot do it in systems you don’t know.Comparing two different products listening to differences only, you can better understand what you listen. More about this: the more differences you listen between two records, the better the system. This is clear and easy. A good system must be able to show all differences between two different records: the more the better. There are very high cost systems unable to show this.
products can do this!

Let’s go further. When you change something in your system, you immediately hear what’s different. But it’s easy to misunderstand the modification, because we hear what we want to hear and we hear what’s different, not necessary what’s better. So it’s very common to be unsatisfied (again) a short time after the modification. For example, if you want more details, and you do something in this direction, you may have more details. But after a while you may discover that it’s not “more details”, but more mid-range and less bass and high frequency (just an example, you may have more details in many ways).To avoid any misunderstanding and wrong purchases, we suggest to change what you want to change, then listen to your favourite Music for, let’s say, 2 weeks, then go back to the original set-up: you’ll see if you are going to the right direction or not. Please do it with AudioNemesis  products! We offer 30-day trial!

All AudioNemesis products are designed without preconceptions, without following trends, and without following the latest technological “innovation”. On the contrary, circuit simplicity and a minimum number of components is a key element. Less is better, and we do want to use the right device for the right purpose in the right way. Our products are simple appliances, using only the minimum quantity of parts for the proper work, following the sentence “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”. Our products are understood as very special products, designed and built in a unique way for its class, instruments for Emotions, for Music. It’s very rare to see original designs, with real study and research on sound (with clear ideas and listening tests). Our products are designed for Music and require hundreds of hours dedicated to the development phase! Every single choice of the circuit, of the components etc. is done after a serious and complete evaluation of all the characteristics: reliability, sonic impact, quality. Many manufacturers say this, many of them are telling lies. Every single choice has been taken after very long listening tests, never randomly. The long experience of the designers is doing the rest. The final balance is a very important part of each product, a mandatory aspect for AudioNemesis.

Very few persons are involved in each project, design, development, construction. All these people are predisposed to the defined goals. This way a good control on the products is possible.

All AudioNemesis products are handmade in Italy and checked one by one. Please see the dedicated page. We are very proud of this.

If You are a Music lover, we are sure you’ll love our products, and you’ll listen to your favourite Music for many years using them.

Fabio Camorani

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AudioNemesis is founded by Fabio Camorani and Giuseppe Intorrella












DC-1 VLE (Very Limited Edition)

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