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Since 2004, the D/A converter DC-1 won several Awards and received many great reviews. After 3 years it is still a reference for very high quality sound at an affordable price. It outperforms any d/a converter up to several times its price!

Despite the circuit topology seems to be common to many other converters, the sound is very different from similar audio productions in this price range. In effect, the audio circuit has many original features, rare also in high price products. AudioNemesis also worked and spent hundreds of hours in tuning many details of this converter, reaching a very rich, natural and “analogue” sound.

Now AudioNemesis is offering an upgrade for this model. Thanks to new, better and more expensive parts and important mods to the audio circuit as well as to the shunt regulators, the sound will be richer, more dynamic, more transparent with rock solid 3D reconstruction, with more details and even more “analogue” sound. We can call it a true upgrade (opposed to fake upgrades, so common nowadays).

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