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AudioNemesis is offering the Upgrade for DC-1 and DC-1 Upgrade Edition with very special output capacitors instead of the very well known and appreciated Mundorf Supreme.

Since the first Upgrade we always used Mundorf Supreme 3,3uF 800V capacitors for improving the original caps. Now we are offering a different and much better solution!

This new capacitor is branded AudioNautes! This capacitor is wound onto a nylon core using a 10µM (630Vdc) polypropylene film. This winding technique allows the winding to be controlled in terms of winding tension, resulting in a tight winding devoid of as many air pockets as possible. Controlling the critical production processes the sonic outputs resulting from resonances within the component are reduced from the level seen within other capacitors. This capacitor is really superior and it is the result of a 2 year research programme. It has very low self-inductance and very low ESR, with very high temperature and frequency stability. Compared to other expensive capacitors, this model is far superior in any aspect, such as micro and macro dynamic, harmonics, micro details. Hand soldered terminations are in pure copper for better sound results.

The 3,3uF value and other values are available on the DIY page too.

Please contact AudioNemesis  or the distributor in your country.

APRIL 2009

After 5 years of success, the D/A converter DC-1 is now officially discontinued.

We actually offer the DC-1 Upgrade Edition only. See the dedicated page for details.

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