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Published by info@audionemesis.com in Reviews · 30/9/2013 11:31:14

Matej Isaac published a complete review of several AudioNemesis products just a few days ago.
You can read it here
And I'd like to write a short comment:

Dear Matej, I think you got the core of our feelings. I read your nice article, but I'm happy more about the essence you got.
And I am really happy because you found the same essence in all products. They have almost nothing in common in terms of mere schematic:
no output stage for the VLE, FET and bipolars zero feedback for the phono preamp, a double triode and a bipolar output stage for the amps.
But the same family sound.
Thank you.

Regarding cost and result, I believe that a cost no object device is rather simple. I see many cost no ojbect products out there and they are not bad.
The true challenge for me is to reach a clear result (in mind) with a very limited budget. This is the challenge and here it is the fun, for me.

Now let's see the reaction. Meanwhile, new products are coming...


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