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Oh, yes, we do them

Published by in Discussion · 1/12/2008 14:19:47

One of the most attractive things is to design and create low and mid cost products. I think that it is rather easy to design very good audio products without specific cost limit: cost-no-object products are easy! Despite this, many of them are absolutely standard items, with standard sound and standard construction. On the other side, it’s common to see great looking products. What about what’s inside? Or: are we sure that the sound is important in cost-no-object audio products?

On the contrary, designing low and mid cost product is a great challenge. We cannot do all we have in our mind, we simply cannot! We need to choose. And, much more important, we have to find new ways! Yes, I don’t think we need to experiment in cost-no-object products to find new and effective solutions. We just need to experiment! How many companies can say they do research? Not only laboratory research and experiments, but listening tests!

Oh, yes, we do them!

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CHF #117

Published by in Discussion · 2/2/2008 14:22:51
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